Wilbur Wright

Wilbur Wright
Wilbur Wright
Meet the Inventor
Wilbur Wright, was born on, April 16 1867, in Dayton, Ohio. Wilbur Wright, died May 30th, 1912 in Dayton Ohio. Wilbur was one of seven children to, Milton Wright and, Susan Catherine Koerner. Wilbur had four brothers, Reuchlin, Lorin, Orville, and, Otis. He had, two sisters Katherine, and, Ida.
Wilbur lived in Richmond, Indiana from 1867 to 1884, where he moved to Dayton, Ohio. Later in 1884 Wilbur finished high school. In 1889, Wilbur went to work, at Orville's printing shop, and served as the editor. in 1900, Wilbur and Orville, journeyed to, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
On December 17th 1903, The Wright brothers, record their first success of flying, the plane went for 12 seconds and went 120 feet.

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Wilbur Wright Timeline
1st fifteen years
Born- April 16, 1867in Dayton Ohio

1884-Lived in Indiana

Age 7-Dad bought toy Helicopter

Age 11- Started to make models out of paper of helicopters

Attended Dayton central high school and had additional studies in Greek and trigonometry

2nd fifteen years
Age 17-Wright family returns to Dayton. -- Wilbur completes high school.

Age 18-Wilbur takes special "postgraduate" courses at Dayton Central High School and studies Greek and trigonometry.

Age 19-Wilbur’s bright future suddenly changed when he was injured playing an ice hockey type of game during the winter of 1885–86. The damage to his face and teeth healed, but he suffered lingering heart and digestive complications. He became depressed and withdrew from the world. The confident, robust young Wilbur faded.
Uncertain of his health and future, Wilbur dropped his plans to attend Yale and descended into a self-imposed isolation of reading and contemplation.

Age 22-By the time of Wilbur’s accident, Susan Wright was already ill with tuberculosis and in need of constant care. Struggling with finding a new direction in his own life, Wilbur devoted himself to nursing his mother until she died in 1889.

Age 22- Orville and Wilbur fully built a printing press.

Age 25 Orville and Wilbur open a bicycle shop, the Wright Cycle Company. They remain in the bicycle manufacturing and repair business until 1907. The business gives them the funds necessary to carry out their early aeronautical experiments.

Age 26Wilbur attended the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago where the aeronautical exhibit draws their interest.

Age 29 Wright brothers begin to manufacture their own brand of bicycles-- first the Van Cleve and the "Wright Special," and later the less expensive St. Clair.

August 10
Otto Lilienthal, German engineer and aeronautical pioneer, dies from injuries suffered in a crash while testing his latest single-surface glider. The tragedy renews the Wright brothers' interest in Lilienthal and the problem of human flight.

Age 30-31 While running their bicycle business, Wilbur together with his brother Orville study the problems of mechanical and human flight. After reading extensively and studying bird flight and Lilienthal's work, the brothers are convinced that human flight is possible and decide to conduct some experiments of their own.
3rd fifteen years
Moved to Kityhawk, North Carolina for it was windier.
Flew around the Statue of Liberty
Did over a hundred flights in France
Died- age 45, cause- Typhoid
1) They invented the first biplane. It was a device with a motor and two wings. It flew for 32.8 seconds.
Accomplishments and Awards
1) They won the Greatest invention award in 2007 2) The American aero club medal.
3) The John Fritz medal
4) The Hudson Fulton medal
5)Internatonal peace society medal
6)Prince Albert medal
Additional Facts
1) Longest Flight- Approximately 2hours, 19minutes

2)Wilbur was very athletic.

3) Flew for the Fort Meyer Army, which led to the first army plane.

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