Walt Disney

Major Events-
  • 1923- enterprising cartoonist leaves home to make it big in Hollywood
  • 1924- partners with his brother Roy to create the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio
  • November 18, 1928- first Mickey Mouse "Steamboat Willie" airs in New York and is an instant hit
  • 1930- Mickey Mouse appears on pencils, comics, and tablets in stores
  • 1936-invents the multiplane camera that changes the movie business as we know it, giving it a clear picture
  • 1937-using the multiplane camera Walt's first of many movies is released, Snow White and the Seven Dworfs
  • 1954- Disneyland, the TV series, premeires and continues for 29 more years making it the longest running series ever
  • 1955- Disneyland, the park, opens in Anaheim, California
  • 1966- before Walt dies, he purchases 28,000 acres near Orlando, Florida which later becomes Disney World

Lifetime Accomplishments/Awards-
external image efac7f37-6704-4a76-902c-76e51fac7c04.jpg
  • Disneyland TV series runs for 29 years straight making it the longest running series ever
  • earned 48 Academy Awards
  • received honorary degrees from Harvard, USC, and UCLA
  • received the Medal of Freedom from President Lyndon B. Johnson
  • accepted 7 Emmys
  • produced 81 movies
  • 43 years in the movie business
  • the most Oscar receipt

What made Walt Disney special?/ What did Walt Disney give to society-
  • Disney came to Hollywood with a suitcase, a sketchbook, and $40 in his pocket.
  • He once said, "I don't make pictures to make money. I make money to make more pictures."
  • Walt gave people the hope that if you can dream it, it can happen.

Five Fun Facts-
  • Walt was actually afraid of mice, but loved Mickey.external image 11112974.gif
  • His favorite song was "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins.
  • Disney World Resort is almost the size of Sanfransico.
  • He was the voice of Mickey for about two decades.
  • At age 16, Disney dropped out of high school to join the American Red Cross. 

By Katie Kunkel
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MultiPlane Camera Video

What is the invention (s)?

Walt Disney made many inventions. The most popular one that he made would probably be the multiplane camera. The invention of the multiplane camera made dreams of artist for their work to be alive come true. You see, back then before digital pictures and flash were available, artist drew everything by hand from the background, setting, details, character, etc. Everything, but the character(s) would be on one sheet of paper. This caused problems of zooming in. In real life when you zoom in the moon stays the same size. On a piece of paper the moon zooms with the environment. Leave it to Walt Disney (and friends) to come up with the multiplane camera to set aside these problems.


When was it invented?

The multiplane camera was invented in 1936-1937, which improved filming quality of picture films. This was possible because there were mutlipul layers of which you can put a specific background on. Each layer had a wheel that you could turn and it would move the frame. There was a camera on the top to take the picture of the moved frame. Once the animators had the pictures fromt he camera they put them together in order and ran it like a movie. The outcome was a scenery that looked to be 3D. This helped many animator in many successful movies.


Where did the idea come from?As many of Walt’s ideas, they just popped into his head. He has many wondrous and unlimited ideas that became real and inspired many other artist and non-artists. The multiplane camera came into Walt’s mind from the envision his type of animated films. Not only did his brillient mind help him, but so did family and friends. People that he worked with, including his brother, helped him create his unstoppable mind and creations.


Where there any problems along the way?

Animations cells were stacked and taken picture of. This would often cause the syncing of pictures to not be straight, leading to inferior quality. So Walt invented the wonderous multiplane camera to stop those nasty animation glitches to happen. There was a problem though. If you moved one the frames too far, they will not link up in the animation progress, and since this is prerecorded the artist had to draw the characters in strange ways sometimes so it looked as if the character was really there.


How has this invention impacted society, both positive and negative?

It has impacted society with a new way of filming animated shows/movies. Other inventions will be made from this invention like Pixar’s Digital Camera. Animation is now a lot easier thanks to Walt Disney, the one that started it all. Thanks Walt.

ChildhoodBirth and Family

  • Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901
  • He was one of five kids
  • His parents names are Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney


  • He enjoyed to draw animals and cartoons.
  • He also got money by drawing others houses.
  • He also sold newspapers and sodas to people.
  • He took drawing and photography classes
  • went to night classes at the Academy of Fine Arts
  • Once he was done with high school he wanted to join the arm

Key moments

  • I Walt never went to Benton Grammar school and he would of never met Walter Pfeiffers who shows him the world of animation and we would never know about all the silly cartoon characters he made likeMicky, Donald, Goofy and good old Pluto.

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