From Landsnail website.
From Landsnail website.
BasicsSteve Wozniak was born in San Jose CA 8/11/5. He lived in San Jose, Los Gatos and Sunnyvale California. He attended University of California, Berkeley and he has worked for Apple. He is co creator of Apple computers. Both the Apple I and Apple II were designed and built by Wozniak. The Apple I was invented in 1980.He thought that Calculators and Computers were similar and tried to make one. They had financial problems at first starting with 1300$.It has paved the way for Modern Personal computers. One of the major accomplishments in his life is creating Apple with Steve Jobs. He is recognized with Steve Jobs as the Co creator of Apple Company and received the National Medal of Technology.The ability to top his design every time makes him special. He never took a class or bought a book on computers.
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Apple ComputerWhen it was invented? April 1st, 1976. How long it took to create? It is unknown how long it took to make it. Where did the idea come from? Steve Wozniak had to work with Steve Jobs at a summer job where Wozniak was working. Wozniak had the idea of selling a computer as a fully printed circuit board. Were there any problems along the way? Steve Wozniak got into an aircraft accident rendering him unproductive.How has this invention impacted society, both positive and negative? It has brought faster processing machines to consumers and higher quality picture, sound and memory storage. However it has also brought us more expensive computers so if a computer breaks we have to spend even more money on a new expensive computer.
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One contribution to society was being teacher at one point to fifth grade students in the 80’s.The ability to top his design every time makes him special. One major event in his life was modifying the Apple I but keeping the simplicity of it. He is recognized for receiving the National Medal of Technology from President Ronald Reagan.
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Stephen Wozniak was born in 1950 and grew up in Sunnyvale, California. He's lived in Sunnyvale for his whole life. He was a genius in technology. For his scinece fair project i the 6th grade, he built a machine that played Tic-Tac-Toe. He also got his HAM radio license in the 6th grade. He got his 1st job at the Hewlett Packard designing calculators. That slowed down his computer making process.

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"Steve Wozniak." Ed. Steven J. Hayes. Web. 14 Oct. 2010.

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