Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Was Born On February 24, 1955 In San Francisco, California He Was Adopted By Paul And Clara Jobs And He Grew Up With One Sister Named Patty. In 1961 Steve Moved To Mountain View, California Which Is Just South Of Palo Alto, California. He Also Lived In Portland, Oregon For College. He Graduated High School In 1972 And Attended Reed College In Portland Oregon For 2 Years But Dropped Out To Go To India To Study Eastern Religion For The Summer In 1974. His Hobbies Are Working On Computers And Being Around Technology. In 1975 He Was Involved In Working With Homebrew Computer Club Which Was An Acquaintance To Hewlett Packard Which He Worked For When He Was Younger. Now He And His Friend Are The Apple Creators And He Now Develops And Designs Computers And He Also Bought Pixar And Made Macintosh Computers.
Some life time accomplishments of Steve Jobs are that CEO apple computers. He also received the National Technology Medal Along with his partner, Woz, from President Ronald Reagan in . He has a biography about him named iCon: Steve Jobs written by Jeffery S. Young and William L. Simon from Jon Wiley and Sons Company. This book was published in 2005 and is 368 pages long. Jobs also co-founded the Pixar animation Studios. Pixar and Disney merged in 2006 and Jobs is now on Disney’s Board of Directors.!!

Steve Jobs, along with his high school business partner Steve Wozniak, founded Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. Jobs came up with the idea to start a computer company named Apple after returning from one of his annual visits at a small farm that friends of his owned. It was a hippie commune where Jobs would spend a few months of the year working. When he returned, he told Wozniak about it and they finished building their first computer, the Apple 1, on April fool’s Day in 1976. The Apple 1 was unique because it had a built-in computer terminal circuitry and was built with more features to appeal to the consumers. Wozniak had actually begun work on the Apple 1 a few years earlier, but Jobs got him to start selling it and was more of the business man out of the two.

Steve Jobs was fired from the company he founded. He then created Pixar animations and next and then the companies merged and Jobs was back in business with Apple. His inventions impacted the whole world positively because they were the first personal computer invented. In 2008, Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and lost an incredible amount of weight and had to get his cancer surgically removed. He later took a 6 month leave to recover. After Steve invented Pixar, he merged with Disney world and produced the first computer animated movie: Toy Story. Now, Pixar is the leading animation movie producers in the world. Steve Jobs never actually had a college education. He dropped out and lived on the floors of his friends’ dorms and he would get the 5 cent deposit back on pop cans so he could afford some necessities. Then he would walk 7 miles to the banquet to get one good meal a week.

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