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Percy Spencer


Meet the Inventor:born: july 9th 1894died: september 8th 1928wife:louise spencerson:george spencerson:james spencerson:john spencerHe was boen in the united states and he died of a heart atack on september 8th 1928 in his home in the united states.

Invention (s):

In 1945, Percy Spencer invented the microwave. It took them roughly around a year to do it. They came up with the idea in 1946 andhad it made my 1947. On the fist attempt to make the microwave Percy Spencer got it to work. The microwave invention affectedsociety it revolutionized the way people cooked forever. It also took less time to cook the food back then. The negative affects that themicrowave had on society was that the food could exploed in the microwave and if the microwave wasn't use correctly it might set onfire.
Additional Facts:

Some additonal facts are: He didn't have a high school education, he dropped out of school. He was always a curious kid. He was an orphan 2 different times, but that never stopped him from learning more about things. Percy joined the navy so he could learn about wireless telegraphy. They had to send him to radio school so he could learn how to work it.


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