Johnson & Johnson

Invention (Emily):
Our invention was duct tape. It was invented in 1920 and was manufactured in 1942, so it took about 22 years for it to be made. The idea came from medical tape in the early world wars. Along the way, there were no problems but they did make some changes. One change that they made was the name. It was earlier called duck tape untill they changed it to duct tape because they used it for ductword and other household uses. This invention of duct tape has had a huge impact on us today in positive, and very little in negitive ways. One positive way was because it was stronger than medical tape so it worked better and had a better purpose. Another way was so that they could use it for duct work and it was easier to rely on because of its texture and duribility. It was used to fix jeeps, air crafts, and guns also. Some negitive effects were that most people stopped using the other kinds of tape.

Additional Facts (Emily):
Something that makes these people (Johnson&Johnson) special is that they made it on their own in their own buisness. Also, because they were just normal people who invented something that changed so many peoples lives. Beyond duct tape, Johnson and Johnson also created gauze and band-aids. In 1924, when they were created, machines all over were making the new product of BAND-AID. One interesting fact is that they were all made in the household of one of the Johnsons.


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