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Meet the Inventors:

Passing down the family business is quite rare in these days but the Jaques family run the oldest manufacturers of games and sports in the world! And still alive for over 200years!

Thomas Jaques establihed his own business that is called "Thomas Jaques, (Manufacturer of Ivory, Hardwoods, Bone, and Tunbridge Ware)".It is later on been passed to his son John Jaques and later on to John Jaques II which is John Jaques' son and the same process occurs until it reaches its fifth generation. The company sell hand-crafted things like: wood crafts, paper knives, handcrafting carved snuff-boxes, coat, hat and etc. But it is until John II when their family history started to change.

*Early 1800's John Jaques II invented Happy Families, Tiddledy-Winks, Ludo and Snakes and Ladders and was awarded the freedom of the City of London in 1869.

*1884 John Jaques III joined the company and expanded production into sports equipment for cricket, tennis, football, hockey, badminton and archery. With this expansion the company moved to Kirby Street.

* J Jaques III invented Gossima which swept the country and later on called Ping pong, and later was renamed Table Tennis.

The invention of Ping Pong (also called table tennis) is used through many houses today. Developed by J Jaques & Sons sometime after 1901 it’s became a huge hit. This invention took only a couple of years to create and is still being modified today. The idea of making ping pong actually came from Britain where they had their own version called “Wiff-Waff.” The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is the governing body of this sport and hasn’t had any problems with table tennis so far. This invention has impacted society both positively and negatively. The way it has effected positively by creating a new sport that can be played as an Olympic sport, but can also be played in your own home, and can be enjoyed by everyone. The ways that it has affected society negatively is by creating more competition and creating more rivals.

Additional Facts:

Some of the other games that J. Jaques & Son made were, The Staunton Chess Set and Table Tennis, otherwise known as “Ping Pong.” J. Jaques & Son sold the rights of the name “Ping Pong” to the Parker Brothers in. John Jaques was only one person of the six generations that were involved with their family company. J. Jaques & Son is the oldest games and sports company in the world. Ping Pong is a very popular sport around the world. In countries such as China Sweden, and North Korea Ping Pong is an extremely competitive sport.

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