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Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863, on his family's farm in Dearborn, Michigan. Farm work and a job in a Detroit machine shop afforded him ample opportunities to experiment. He also worked as a part-time employee for the Westinghouse Engine Company. By 1896, Ford had constructed his first horseless carriage which he sold in order to finance work on an improved model.

In 1891, Ford became an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit.

His promotion to Chief Engineer in 1893 gave him enough time and money to devote attention to his personal experiments on internal combustion engines. The Quadricycle had four wire wheels that looked like heavy bicycle wheels, was steered with a tiller like a boat, and had only two forward speeds with no reverse. An intresting fact about Henry Ford is that when he was born, Abraham Lincoln was President of the twenty-four States of The Union. Also, Henry asked Thomas A. Edison's son, Charles, to collect an exhale breath from the lungs of Ford's dying hero and friend.

Henry Ford also had some interesting hobbies. He loved to learn about American history and culture. He started a museum known as the Edison Institute which was opened to the puplic in 1929. Henry also enjoyed American folk music, and frequently sponsored square dances. In Henry Ford's free time he loved to look at airplanes and enjoyed learning about aviation.

Date of Birth: July 30, 1863

Place of Birth: Greenfield, Michigan

Date of Death: April 7th 1947

Place of Death: Dearborn, Michigan

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Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. He was the first of William and Mary Ford's six children. His siblings were named Margaret Ford, Jane Ford, William Ford, Robert Ford, and others that didn't survive . He grew up on a farm in what is today Dearborn, Michigan. Henry was very fond of his childhood but loved the way mechanize machines worked but disliked farm work. When Henry turned sixteen he left the farm and went to a nearby city Detroit, Michigan and worked as an apprentice machinist. He occasionally went back to the farm to help out. His time as an apprentice came to an end after three years and he went back to live in Dearborn. While he was there he found occasional work to repair steam engines in the Detroit factories and on the farm. Upon his marriage to Clara Bryant in 1888, Henry supported himself and his wife by running a sawmill. In 1891, Ford became an engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit. This was an important event in his life because it signified that he had made a conscious career move into industrial pursuits. In 1893 he was promoted to chief engineer. Upon this promotion he was given enough money and time to do experiments of his own which came up to a self propelled Quadricycle. The bike was a four wired wheeled two speed vehicle which had a tiller which like a boat, it was able to steer but had no reverse. Although it was not the first motorized vehicle to be run on gasoline Henry Ford was one of the pioneers that lead this country in to a nation of motorists. Henry Ford had attempted to establish a company two times but had failed both. That did not occurr until 1903 when the official Ford motor company was established with Henry as the vice president and chief engineer. The company could only produce a few cars a day with only groups of two to three working and putting together components from other companies. Ford had seen his company putting out cars that were reasonably priced, reliable, and efficient. That is when Ford came out with the ever-so-famous Model T car. This announced the new era of personal motorized vehicles. It was easy to operate, maintain, and handle on rough roads, immediately becoming a success.hjjh.jpg
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One of Henry Ford's major life events is when he made the Model T. The idea came to Ford to make a Modle T when Ford began to see high prices on cars. Henry wanted to produce something more cheap. He explained that he will build a motorcar for the great multitude! Henry also used the motorized assembly line significantly cut the time, and thus cost, of manufacturing each car. Ford passed on this savings to the customer. Although the first Model T was sold for $850, the price eventually dropped to under $300. Ford produced the Model T from 1908 until 1927, building 15 million cars. There were'nt really any problems along the way while making the Modle T. It took Henry five years to complete the making of the Modle-T. Henry's invention has impacted society by impacting society and urbanization of America. The Modle T also brought the integration of the automobile into the fabric of American life. The invention has impacted society negativly because it was the first car that was run by gasoline, which can cause air pollution. Other contributions made to society besides the invention of the Modle T was the assembly line, and Henry's five dallor a day wage for the average worker that brought a total new change in factories. Henry Ford has a hospital named after him. He is a very special person because he helped the United States of America get started. In 1914, Ford began paying his employees five dollars a day, nearly doubling the wages offered by other manufacturers. He cut the workday from nine to eight hours in order to convert the factory to a three-shift workday. Henry Ford and his engineers used the first 19 letters of the alphabet to name their automobiles, although some of the cars were never sold to the public.

Process of making the Modle-T: The Modle T was made by the mass production assembly line. It took each ssembly fitter 8.5 hours to a mere 2.5 minutes by having each worker become very familiar with their own task. Henry then relized that the process was too slow for making the Modle-T so he introduces the first moving assembly line, a conveyor that moved the vehical past each stationary assembler.

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