Felix Hoffman was born on January 21, 1868 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. He was the son of a industrialist. During his lifetime he traveled to Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. He received his education at the University of Munich. He loved to study chemistry which led him to the job of becoming a Pharmacist. Hoffman had many milestones through out his life these include: 1897 Felix started to study inventor’s experiments and discovered acetylsalicylic acid. 1899 brought the year where he gives his friend Bayer, a doctor, and aspirin powder to give to other doctors and give to their patients. 1900 Bayer introduces Felix's aspirin in water-soluble tablets- which was the first medication to be sold in this form. 1915 Aspirin became available without a prescription- in manufactured tablet form. In 1946 Felix Hoffman died at the age of 78. Even after these two years later Dr. Laurence Craven notices that aspirin tones down the risk of heart attack. When a few years had past another scientist discovered that aspirin might work by inhibiting the generation of prostaglandins.
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Felix Hoffman is not only the inventor of asprin but is also an author and illustrator. He writes and illustrates children’s books such as: The Four Clever Brothers, A Story by the Brothers Grimm and, The Sleeping Beauty A Picture Book. His biggest lifetime accomplishment of coarse was creating Asprin. Making a medicine that neutralizes pain for the first time makes Felix Hoffman a very special person to be
remembered. Some other contributions that he has made is that he write some children’s books.

<Felix Hoffman>.
This website talked about how Felix Hoffman made a acetylsalicylic acid, also known as asprin today. It also talk about how his invention helps with aches and other problems. The it talks about his history of where he was born and how he grows up.

<Felix Hoffman>.This site tells the biography on how Felix Hoffman grows wanting to become a pharmacist. It ells when he graduated and where from. Then it shares with you the process of how he makes his historical invention, Asprin.

<Felix Hoffman>.
This site tells the biography on how Felix Hoffman grows wanting to become a pharmacist. It ells when he graduated ad where from. Then it shares with you the process of how he makes his historical invention, Asprin.

The invention was aspirin. It was invented on August 10, 1897. It took near 6 years to invent it and make it all work as it should. Felix got the idea from hypocrites using bark and leafs from trees to stop fevers and relieve pain. He didn't really have problems with the invention except that is took forever to invent. The invention is known through out the world, it helps people today get rid of pain and fevers. The Positive effects of his invention is that it makes so much money today, but the important thing is that it helps people in need of medicine like this. Facts about Felix Hoffmann." The Great Idea Finder. July 2005. Web. 14 Oct. 2010. <http://www.ideafinder.com/history/inventors/hoffmann.htm>.