Dr. Martin Cooper-Meet The Inventor..By: Rachel Pate
-Chicago Illinois December 26, 1928
Family Information:-His wife was Arlene Harris

Place he lived:-He lived in Chicago

Education, Hobbies, and Jobs:-He earned a Bachelors and Masters Degree in engineering-He went to Illinois Institute of Technology-Dr.Martin Cooper was in the Navy for four years-For a short time before working with motorola he worked with another telecommunications company

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Dr. Martin Cooper- Inventions By: Kelsey Johnson

Dr. Martin Cooper invented the cell phone. The cell phone was invented in 1973 while he was working for Motorala. I beleive it took him 17 years to have the communtication be clear between the two phones. He invented the cell phone because he didn't have anything else to do, also because he wanted to make his mother's dreams come true so he invented a protable phone and made the first call to his mother. There weren't any problems during the process of making the phone that I know of. The cell phone has impacted society ALOT, in both good and bad ways. Bad ways meaning texting and driving which can lead to car accident, which can lead to death. Good ways are now you can get ahold of someone in moments notice. Dr Martin Cooper has created one of the greatest inventions of this Earth. If it wasn't for him, we might not have any way of communicating with people in another city, state, or even counrty.

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Dr. Martin Cooper Accomplishments~ Erin Riedell


Martin was an England international rugby union player who won 11 caps between 1973-1997. He is now a chairman, CEO, and co-founder of ArrayComm Inc. He is also a member of the Radio Club of Amercia. Dr. Martin Cooper has been granted six patents in the communications field; widely published on various aspects of communications technology and management of research and development; RCR/CTIA Wireless Hall of Fame; Red Herring magazine's Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2000.

Inetresting Facts:


His hobbies are running, swimming, skiing, and kayaking. He likes to paint. Martin revealed that watching Captain Kirk talking in his communicator on the tv-show Star Trek inspired him to research the mobile phone. He was 44 years old when he created the cell phone. He attended Lawson Elementary School and Crane Technical High school, which were both in Chicago He changes his cell phone every 6 months.


What He's done in society!

Whitout Dr. Martin creating the cell phone you couldn't communicate with your family or friends that live far away. Everybody uses cell phones. He has helped the world communicate with eachother.

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