Charles Elmer Doolin
Charles Elmer Doolin was born on January 10,1903. He passed away in July of 1959.
He had two parents,Charles and Daisy. He also had a brother named Earl. He later got married to a lady named Katherine.
Doolin drove around San Antonio selling five cent bags of his chips in the 1930s. The family moved to Dallas because of the great central location and material supply.

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In 1932 Elmer Doolin Charles was running an ice cream business in San Antonio when he saw a Mexican man selling Fritos (little fried things). He was so inspired by his Frito pie lunch one day in San Antonio that he paid $100
for the recipe. Charles Elmer Doolin invented the cheeto in
1948. He opened a Casa de Frito restaurant in 1955.

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Charles Elmer Doolin was born in 1929- 1959. He had a brother and a mother who helped him create, make, and manage the Frito. He was married and had a son. He was born somewhere in Texas, and he discovered the frito in San Antonio.

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He went to Southwest Texas State University the same school his parents to. The invention of Frito's and how it is a big company was a big impact on his life. He invented hot cheetohs. It was invented in the 19th century. It took hima few months for his company to big in that time. The idea came from a mexican man in San Antonio who sold them in a shop.

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In the US, Fritos is one of the oldest and most widely recognized brands of corn chips. Charles Elmer Doolin was one of the first people to make a type of potato chip along with the lay's dude. He got recognized for making the accomplishments. He almost got sued my the makers of Lay, because he was taking ideas.

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