Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin
Simone & Josh's Part:

Ben Franklin had many jobs during his lifetime. He was a politician, writer, musician, scientist and an inventor. He was also a great leader in American Revolution. Bullet Points:

Ÿ Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706
Ÿ He died April 17, 1790
Ÿ He had 17 children in his family when he was born.
Ÿ He was the 10th son of a soap maker
Ÿ He first worked with his brother in a newspaper at age 12
Ÿ His brother went to jail so he had to run the newspaper by himself for awhile
Ÿ He lived in Boston and then ran away to Philadelphia
Ÿ He left for London after living with Deborah Read
Ÿ In 1729, he bought the Pennsylvania Gazette
Ÿ In 1733 he started Poor Richards Almanac
Ÿ He is buried in the Cemetery of Christ’s Church
Ÿ He married Deborah Read in the year 1730
Ÿ He traveled many times to London as a representative of the colonies


Casey's PartBenjamin Franklin's childhood.

The Franklin Family's Youngest Son
Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706. His family lived in Boston, Massachusetts. His father's name was Josiah and his mother's name was Abiah. Ben was their eighth child and they would later have two more. However, Josiah already had seven children from his first marriage. So, Ben knew a lot about growing up in a BIG family! He had nine brothers and seven sisters!
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Alyse’s Part

The Invention of Ben Franklin

Well done is better than well said.
Well done is better than well said.
Ben Franklin is famous for many things, but one of his most famous inventions is the lightning rod. The lightning rod was invented in 1752. He first came upon electricity in 1746 when he started hearing about other scientists’ electrical experiments. It took him six years before he got the complete lightning rod done. The idea of the lightning rod came from an experiment that he was doing involving electricity. He had a metal key attached to a kite to attract the electrical charge. After doing this he had a string that he tied to the kite. He had an insulating silk ribbon for the knuckles of his hand in which he tied the kite string to. Lightning hit the kite, kite string, and key. The key received an electrical charge from the air. Ben Franklin knew after this experiment that lightning was a form of electricity, which led to his idea of the lightning rod. One of Ben’s problems that he faced was that before he could invent the lightning rod he had to prove that lightning was electricity. After he performed his kite, string, and key experiment it was proven that lightning was electricity. His invention impacted society both positively and negatively. It impacted the society positively, because even today the lightning rod is still used to prevent lightning from starting fires in buildings, ships, and many other things. One of the negative impacts it had on society was that when the first lightning rods were invented there was a blunt and a sharp tipped lightning rod. The King of England had a blunt tipped lightning rod on his palace, and when it came time for the colonists to choose what they wanted they chose the sharp tipped lightning rod. This angered the King, and in the eyes of the English was just another way for the colonists to rebel and be disobedient to them.
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